The Face of Christ as Palette

September 12 th 2008

The image shown is one of 14 images made during Ash Wednesday prayer services and reconciliation services. Before each service, the image was drawn with palm ashes, and then used as a palette to sign the congregations. The final image is created with the congregation, in other words, and the whole ritual becomes a type of performance art. Each celebrant swiped the drawing he or she had been given, but each celebrant approached the action differently; therefore each image is unique to the variety of celebrants, congregations and settings. Although I made the original drawing each final image was a collaborative effort.

Topics: Arts Religion

Greg Zoltowski was born in Brooklyn, where he lived the first part of his life, educated in Parochial Schools. He began drawing at the age of four, but did not begin formal training in art until high school. He attended the Pratt Institute, earning a B.F.A. in Advertising Design and Visual Communications.