The Lord who heals

February 13 th 2009

The Lord who heals

This painting is a gift to famous nutritionist and Bible Teacher Paul Nison. He teaches about health. The best physical food for us is RAW vegetables and fruits (Gen 1:29).

The best spiritual food for us: God from the Bible—Yahweh Rophe, to whom we should go directly, through the Bible, studying the Word in its original language. Being inspired by this thought I painted this picture very quickly, spontaneously and emotionally: people should stretch themselves towards Jesus. They should jump, run and fly to Him, trying to touch His healing power. It's very challenging to write in Hebrew: from right to left; but there is significance to it.

I use acrylic, when I paint in Churches or need my paintings to dry fast. This challenging media keeps you alert, concentrated and humble—it doesn't allow you to make too many mistakes. You should pray before you start.

Topics: Arts

Elena Eros was born in Moscow Russia, where she studied art under renowned Russian artists in Moscow State Textile University, Faculty of Applied Art. She was awarded an "Outstanding Student Scholarship", enabling her to continue her education in Hungarian University of Applied Art. After her graduation, Elena was invited to teach in Textile University.