Tree (of Life)

November 21 st 2008

Acrylic wash, watersoluble wax pastels, charcoal, conte on paper
April 2008

Its branches are gnarled and twisted and they hang heavy on the trunk. Yet the trees' thin shoots always reach straight up to the sky in hopeful expectation.

That is like me and you. The tree speaks of both our tendency to settle for twisted lies and how in desperation we cry out to the Lord of heaven to pour out grace and truth on us.

As we grow in truth and grace, we reach out to those around us. This tree has a short sturdy base and a wide reach, so in this way it "just takes off" like a vine, spreading out with this good news.

Topics: Arts

My art finds expression in depicting people and nature, both of which I find true delight in and hold concern for. My pieces display an interest for and tendency towards strong line, interesting use of colour, and a love for contrast in order to highlight the meaning, issues, and subject. I am interested in pursuing life in its fullness, and enjoy the fact that art can serve as a way to wonder, ask, delight in and express life. When I create I am prompted by my thoughts, emotions, and spiritual convictions. I surrender my hands, heart, and mind to the living Christ, seeking to glorify the Creator in all that I make.