Trilliums and Solomon's Seal

July 11 th 2008

I use the traditional Far Eastern batik technique of wax resist, but my subject matter is the landscape, flora, and fauna of Eastern Ontario. In this batik, I have combined two of my favourite early spring wildflowers. Trilliums grow thickly in the woodland around my village; Solomon's Seal, a tall, graceful flower, is less common, but I have a large and healthy patch in my backyard wildflower garden. This picture is simply a celebration of the colours and curving lines that I find so attractive. No, I have never figured out what the connection is between a native Canadian flower and the great king of Israel . . .

Topics: Arts

Sarah Hale first learned about batik as an art form while teaching in Japan in 1968. Some years later, she took a workshop in basic batik technique, and began exploring the medium as a way of saying something new about an often-painted landscape. Her experiments pleased her, and in a few years she was making a living as a batik artist.