Two Vases in White

May 7 th 2010

Acrylics on paper
April 2007

Our fast-paced consumer culture often leads us to discard or neglect that which is flawed or aged. By contrast, the tradition of "still life" composition causes both the artist and the viewer to slow down and appreciate certain objects, often flawed or aged, found in everyday life.

I found two displaced vases and assembled a simplistic composition in which they were given a place. As I slowed down to "take in" the vases, I discovered a subtle harmony and a simple beauty in both colour and form. Painting and observing this simple beauty led me to wonder what kind of beauty could be found in other everyday objects. I was ushered into appreciative contemplation through things I never would have even noticed before.

Let us heed the wisdom of the Masters, slowing down and contemplating the everyday, discovering that "the ordinary" has the potential to surprise us with its beauty.

Topics: Arts

My art finds expression in depicting people and nature, both of which I find true delight in and hold concern for. My pieces display an interest for and tendency towards strong line, interesting use of colour, and a love for contrast in order to highlight the meaning, issues, and subject. I am interested in pursuing life in its fullness, and enjoy the fact that art can serve as a way to wonder, ask, delight in and express life. When I create I am prompted by my thoughts, emotions, and spiritual convictions. I surrender my hands, heart, and mind to the living Christ, seeking to glorify the Creator in all that I make.