July 11 th 2008

I released this piece at the beginning of 2008. It is made of ceramic bowls balanced on plexiglass polls in a plexiglass base. The bowls are held on by earth magnets and plastic sockets.

I have always been intrigued by water and the challenge of capturing it in artwork as well as exploring its many potential symbolic meanings. In this piece I was thinking about the ideal church as vessels, and the water as the Holy Spirit pouring from one believer to another, connecting us all and moving us where he would wish.

Topics: Arts

Ruth Maendel studied Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba, graduating in 2000. "I create for my audience more than myself, and so I often need the motivation of a show to get working," says Ruth. "I often use layers and repeated objects to portray the church, and I am continually trying to come up with yet another way to illustrate the Holy Spirit more effectively. It is a challenge I think I will spend my whole life enjoying." She makes sculpture and installation art primarily, and has recently expanded into photography. She currently works full time for the city of Winnipeg in Gardening and Urban Forestry.