June 20 th 2008

I strayed into Central Park one Saturday afternoon, just as winter was turning into spring, and watched as this little girl's father bought her balloons and tied them to her wrist. Then she caught sight of ducks in the pond and ran to watch. I remembered my own childhood days feeding ducks bread at the local pond with my Dad. When I left the park an hour later, she was racing ahead on the path, and her father had the balloons.

Topics: Arts

Alissa Wilkinson is assistant professor of English and humanities at The King's College in New York City, chief film critic at Christianity Today, and editor of QIdeas.org. Her work on pop culture, politics, art, and religion appears in publications including The Atlantic, Christianity Today, Books & Culture, Marginalia Review of Books, Relief, the Globe & Mail, WORLD, and Paste. In 2008, she founded The Curator and served as editor while on staff with International Arts Movement until 2010.