Week of April 10, 2011
Week of April 10, 2011

Week of April 10, 2011


1. Discuss: "The Christian Party must either confine itself to stating what ends are desirable and what means are lawful or else it must go further and select from among the lawful means those which it deems possible and efficacious and give to these its practical support. If it chooses the first alternative it will not be a political party. Nearly all parties agree in professing ends which we admit to be desirable—security, a living wage, and the best adjustment between the claims of order and freedom. What distinguishes one party from another is the championship of means. We do not dispute whether the citizens are to be made happy, but whether an egalitarian or a hierarchical State, whether capitalism or socialism, whether despotism or democracy is most likely to make them so."

C.S. Lewis

. Cardus Senior Fellow Jonathan Chaplin has

something to say about this



9.5 Theses about beauty

: Comment author W. David O. Taylor with brief, provocative comments on beauty.


On NPR's Radiolab

—one of the best and most interesting shows on the radio. One of Comment's editors admits to a mad devotion.


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