Week of December 14, 2008
Week of December 14, 2008

Week of December 14, 2008

December 19 th 2008

Asked for their "one great book", some Cardus staff offer the following "recommended reading" for the holidays:

The Last Battle, C.S. Lewis ($6.99 USD). "The Last Battle captured my heart with the promised return of my Glorious King, and the 'all things made new' which shall accompany Him." —Joy Harris

The Book of Absolutes: A Critique of Relativism and a Defence of Universals, William D. Gairdner ($31.96 USD). "Everything you need to engage in debate over moral relativism. —Peter Menzies

Clowning in Rome: Reflections on Solitude, Celibacy, Prayer and Contemplation, Henri J. M. Nouwen ($9.56 USD). "The subtitle says it all: a book you can read every year and mine a thousand new jewels every time." —Rob Joustra

Angry Young Spaceman, Jim Munroe ($13.95 USD). "A simply written science fiction story that traces the journey to adulthood of a misfit who tries to fit in with an alien culture despite warnings from those around him that it isn't a good idea." —Milton Friesen

World of Faith and Freedom: Why International Liberty is Vital to American National Security, Thomas F. Farr ($21.56 USD). "In addition to providing a valuable perspective on current global issues from an inside U.S. State Department perspective, Farr provides a cogent argument on the necessity of reframing public faith and religious liberty in the contemporary public square conversation. And he does it in an interesting and most readable style! Well worth the investment." —Ray Pennings

Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling, Andy Crouch ($13.60 USD). "A persuasive case for Christians rolling up our sleeves and getting the culture under our fingernails. With many a gold nugget anecdote or observation." —Gideon Strauss

. . . And please don't forget: Living at the Crossroads is one of the most important conferences of the next year. Featuring keynotes by ten internationally-known leaders including Comment authors Mike Goheen and Calvin Seerveld, Comment publisher Ray Pennings, and Comment editor Gideon Strauss, the conference will use the 2008 book Living at the Crossroads: An Introduction to Christian Worldview (Baker Academic) as a launching pad, exploring the strategic interface of mission, worldview and the Christian university, and its different subject areas today. January 7-11, 2009 at Redeemer University College, Ancaster, Ontario.

Comment wishes its community peace in this season.

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