Week of January 17, 2010
Week of January 17, 2010

Week of January 17, 2010

January 22 nd 2010

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Cardus' educational campaign 29to42 is going viral. We believe increasing the charitable tax credit from 29 cents on the dollar to 42 cents will be the best way to jump-start the institutions we need for the common good of our country. While particularly relevant in Canada in advance of the March 4th federal budget, 29to42 illustrates Cardus' commitment to renewing social architecture everywhere.

Watch the videos at 29to42.ca. Add your name to the manifesto. Considering donating $42 to any charity you choose, and pledging 42 volunteer hours.

The 3,000-member Canadian Council of Christian Charities, among many other organizations, has endorsed this campaign as the proposal most likely to increase charitable giving in Canada.

Join the campaign today! www.29to42.ca, or follow on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

There are more 20-second surveys to come. Thanks for participating thus far!

Last week's winner:
 Martin Dendekker
Norwich, Ontario


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