Week of January 30, 2011
Week of January 30, 2011

Week of January 30, 2011

February 4 th 2011
  1. Worst bring your kid to work day ever: Indian Navy warship burns and sinks.

  2. What Comment ACTUALLY talks about... We can merrily claim to publish articles on this or that, but Wordles (visual snapshots of most-used words) will betray even our most confident proclamations. Herein, true stories on what we actually publish:

    1983-2000 (the Harry Antonides era): 470 articles, 452,328 words

    2001-2010 (the Gideon Strauss era): 771 articles, 1,383,929 words

    Or just the 2010 Comment Wordle: 204 articles, 293,895 words

  3. Another piece on the quarterlife crisis that could probably be summarized as, "pull up your socks"

  4. Snowmageddon strikes; Comment soldiers on.

  5. Long live the liberal arts college?


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