Week of March 1, 2009
Week of March 1, 2009

Week of March 1, 2009

March 6 th 2009

A wunderkammer of discoveries, compiled by Comment and illuminated for our readers' edification and entertainment. We do not necessarily endorse the external content below.

Comment editor Gideon Strauss is amused and delighted by the very notion of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra.

. . . Comment recommends a good article by friend Sam Van Eman, 21st Century Samaritans, over at TheHighCalling.org—another Comment friend!

. . . Finally, and once again, remember that registration is now open for "Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind," a one-day conference with Dr. Mark Noll TOMORROW (Saturday, March 7), at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Geared to Christian faculty and graduate students, this conference is hosted by Comment friends at Chesterton House, a Center for Christian Studies at Cornell. Following his seminal 1994 book The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, Noll is now working on a new volume that will be a positive statement regarding the resources available in historic Christianity for developing a Christian mind. "Although it has become customary in some Christian circles to proclaim the lordship of Christ over every phase of existence," Noll writes, "for intellectual life that proclamation is often abstract or imprecise." In addition to his three lectures on this topic, Noll will also give a public lecture THIS AFTERNOON (March 6th), on science and religion. For more details and registration information, visit www.chestertonhouse.org/special_events/1754.

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