Week of May 15, 2011
Week of May 15, 2011

Week of May 15, 2011

May 20 th 2011

1. " Are Christian School Graduates World-Changers?

" Next week Cardus with the University of Notre Dame is hosting pre-release discussions on the data yielded from the

most substantive study ever

of Christian schools in North America. Read Ray Pennings' op-ed on the results today at

Capital Commentary

, and watch for the full results in August.


David Brooks on "the big society"

: "By decentralizing power, and inciting local energies, Cameron's reforms are fostering the sorts of environments where human capital grows."

3. "

God and Political Science

": The view of global politics taught by political scientists is the poorest possible preparation for the era of global politics in which we now live. As we address central geopolitical challenges, we must delve into the details of religion and religious actors. The first in a three-part series.


Dostoevsky versus Tolstoy on Humanitarian Interventions

: . . . [Levin's] attitude, basically Tolstoy's own, is of bewilderment that so many people are passionately committed to actions in a place they know little about—it's a feeling I sometimes have myself when listening to defenses of our current involvement in Libya. Levin suggests that, when people become passionately committed to a faraway cause, instead of devoting themselves to problems nearer at hand, the reason is probably to be found in their own psychological makeup.


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