Week of May 24, 2009
Week of May 24, 2009

Week of May 24, 2009

May 29 th 2009

A wunderkammer of discoveries, compiled by Comment and illuminated for our readers' edification and entertainment. We do not necessarily endorse the external content below.

CALL FOR POETS: Comment Magazine invites poets to submit contributions in the form of a rondeau suitable for publication in our September print issue. This will be our fourth annual "Making the Most of College" issue, and the submitted poems should in some way be connected with that theme, or with the beginning of the school year. Our poetry judges will select three of the submitted rondeaux for publication and offer pre-publication editorial advice to the poets. One of the selected rondeaux will be published on the first page of the September issue, and its poet awarded a prize of CDN $50. Two other winners will be published elsewhere in the magazine.

Email submissions or questions to dpostma@cardus.ca by June 15, 2009.

. . . For our Toronto-area readers, Rediscovering Calvin: Resources for Renewal Today is coming June 18-20, 2009 at Emmanuel and Knox Colleges. Featuring Serene Jones, Alister McGrath and Marilynne Robinson, as well as 30 workshops and two concerts. Visit here for more information.

. . . And finally, Comment friend Scott Calgaro draws the attention of Philadelphia-area readers to Quixote! by director Lear deBessonet, a compelling reinterpretation of Cervantes' Don Quixote. While opening night was this past Wednesday, the show runs through June 7 at Broad Street Ministry. More about deBessonet here and here.

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