Week of May 8, 2011
Week of May 8, 2011

Week of May 8, 2011

May 13 th 2011

1. Hey, Cardus is blogging every weekday. www.cardus.ca/blog


2. Kevin DeYoung, "

Parenting 001

": "I can't change my kids' hearts. I am responsible for my heart and must be responsible to teach them the way of the Lord. But nothin' guarantees nothin'."

3. "

A person you flee at parties

": "How obvious it seems to me now. Cold, grasping, bleak, graceless, and dull; unctuous, sleek, pitiless, and crass; a pallid vulgarian floating through life on clouds of acrid cologne and trailed by a vanguard of fawning divorce lawyers, the devil is probably eerily similar to Donald Trump—though perhaps just a little nicer."


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