Week of November 23, 2008
Week of November 23, 2008

Week of November 23, 2008

November 28 th 2008

As an editorial staff, we share in the excitement here at Cardus over the appearance of a sister publication to Comment, Cardus Policy in Public, affectionately known as 'see-pip.' Congratulations to publisher Ray Pennings and editor Russ Kuykendall on a thought-provoking inaugural edition focusing on construction industry policy in Canada.

. . . Just in case you have forgotten, or are new to our reader community, Comment once again recommends publications edited or authored by our colleagues and friends: The Curator, edited by our own Alissa Wilkinson; catapult; edited by Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma, Books & Culture, edited by John Wilson; Image, edited by Gregory Wolfe (keep an eye out for Mr. Wolfe's contribution to our December print issue, on Luigi Giussani); and the wonderful booknotes written by our favourite bookseller, Byron Borger, on the Hearts & Minds web pages.

. . . Finally, it is with a mixture of sorrow and delight that we announce the appointment of Comment Assistant Editor Russ Kuykendall to the position of Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of Natural Resources of Canada, effective December 1, 2008. This means that Russ will no longer be a member of the editorial staff of this journal, which we regret. We wish him well, however, and pray that he will enjoy God's blessing as he seeks to contribute to the common good in his new work.

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