Week of September 19, 2010
Week of September 19, 2010

Week of September 19, 2010


A wunderkammer of discoveries, compiled by Comment and illuminated for our readers' edification and entertainment. We do not necessarily endorse the external content below.

Comment editor Dr. Gideon Strauss will be in Chicago on Wednesday, September 29, speaking to Chicago Semester students and guests based on the 2010 Comment Manifesto: Wonder, Heartbreak, and Hope. For information, contact Chicago Semester.

. . . In Cardus Audio this week, find our presentation of Preston Manning—one of Canada's most celebrated statesmen—from Cardus' 10th birthday party this past Tuesday, September 21.

. . . And After Hours this week, Robert remarked on Pope Benedict's depolarizing writing, his charity, his gentleness, his conviction, and his character.


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