What a Beautiful Bride

February 22 nd 2008

What a Beautiful Bride is part of a series of sculptures in which I sought to utilize materials in a manner that would deviate from their expected purpose, in order to reclaim them from their destined disposal. I took common items from our daily lives and wove and stitched them into a new and surprising fabric, holding in tension the concepts of disposability and longevity, leaving in question which will win out in the end.

This specific piece examines the seeming impermanence of the modern marriage and the imbalance present in the painstaking preparation and investment found in the wedding versus the marriage.

Topics: Arts

Susan Springer Anderson, 27, has been a working artist since graduating from Anderson University in 2003. Originally from Wisconsin, she moved to New York City in 2004. Shortly thereafter she began to work for Materials for the Arts, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, running their volunteer program and teaching workshops on sculpture and assorted other topics. She is now the Administrator of MFTA's Education Program and continues to show her work throughout the New York City area.