Who Are You Really

October 23 rd 2009

24" x 32"

The painting "Who Are You Really" was completed in the latter part of 2007. It may not be large in size but is large in significance. I believe the prompting of this painting is to bring one to a place of being settled and at peace with who they really are. In a way this painting is an appeal from the Master Craftsman to us, to realize that with great intention He has placed particular deposits in everyone. And His specific wiring was not an accident.

When we live our lives or put our hands to our work, it will be shallow and lack strength if we attempt to imitate that which is in someone else. But it is incredible the life and creativity that will flow when we are comfortable with the uniqueness of God's design and yielded to His heart.

Topics: Arts

When painting or doing any piece of artwork, I'm after obtaining a part of God's heart and will and loosing it. This is the same dynamic that exists in intercession. I've learned this can take place even if the subject matter becomes a piece of machinery. My work spans from abstract to more literal images and degrees in-between.