World Hunger

March 4 th 2011

Mixed Media

This piece was created in awareness for World Hunger Week. It explores the contrast in food availability, eating habits, and eating styles between Western countries and developing nations. A person's most relevant needs are powerful dictators of how food is eaten, prepared, and shared. The masks were inspired by tribal masks, drawing on the global connection to each other and to the earth that we experience through food.

C.S. Lewis writes, "The Christians who did the most for the present world were just those who thought most of the next." As I consider what it means to be blessed to live in abundance and what it means to live without, perhaps most importantly I consider how my hope for a restored earth changes how I live now. I am praying without ceasing, "Come, Lord Jesus, Come," in recognition of the root of heaven here on earth.

Topics: Arts Justice

Tara Joy Ubbens is a Canadian artist currently studying art and psychology at Redeemer University. Inspired by the temporary nature of our current reality, her work struggles to hold the tension between living in the present and the unceasingly hopeful anticipation for the future. Her passion for people and individuality through experience continues to grow with each interaction and revelation with which she is blessed. Not set on a particular medium, she explores her passions in a variety of ways including pastel pencils, acrylic and encaustic painting, sculpture, and design.