WRF hosts Chinese Delegation

September 1 st 2000

On November 16, the WRF presented a seminar outlining Canada's labour relations and employment policy to 20 Chinese delegates. The delegation was organized through the Sino-Canada Technology Exchange Centre. The purpose of the delegation was for Chinese human resource professionals to develop a broader understanding of human resource and labour relations issues in Canada and determine their applicability within the business environments in China.

Ray Pennings, project director for the WRF, led the delegation through an introductory presentation on labour relations in Canada. He focused his remarks on three areas: an overview of labour law, labour-management choices available to workers within the system, and why freedom of association and partnerships are increasingly important in the new economy.

During the question period, it became clear that the delegates were interested in the freedom our institutions enjoy from central regulation and how that influences labour relations in a positive way.

This event is just one of the many opportunities the WRF enjoys to promote its vision of cooperative labour relations that respect the value of the worker and the integrity of economic enterprise.


Gideon Strauss was the editor of Comment from 2000 to 2010. He is currently Associate Professor of Worldview Studies at the Institute for Christian Studies, a graduate school of philosophy in Toronto, and a senior fellow with the Center for Public Justice in Washington DC. Gideon also facilitates vocational discipleship in churches in his native South Africa.