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Change Year   

Headquarters: Family

September 18 th 2018 by Andrea Mrozek and Peter Jon Mitchell

Updates from Cardus on the renewal of social architecture.

World View

September 18 th 2018 by James K.A. Smith

An annotated reading of your world.

Living with Integrity in a Splintered World

September 18 th 2018 by Jonathan Chaplin

How do we pursue wholeness in the centrifuge of modern life?

Dismemberment and Integrity

September 18 th 2018 by Peter Leithart

Toward a sacrificial understanding of wholeness.

The Integrative Power of "Why"

September 18 th 2018 by Margaret Somerville

What do amazement, wonder, and awe have to do with integrity?

Liberty, Equality,...Disintegration?

September 18 th 2018 by Patrick Deneen with Brian Dijkema

A conversation with the author of Why Liberalism Failed.

Data as Icon and Idol

September 18 th 2018 by Peter Boumgarden

What happens when metrics become moral injunctions?

The Commons: Social Architecture

September 18 th 2018 by

Promoting a flourishing society.

Learning How to Pay Attention

September 13 th 2018 by Patton Dodd

A journalist considers what it means to listen, and how to reimagine his profession.

The Sabbath City

September 6 th 2018 by Nathan Beacom

A city should design for useless things.

The Peril, and Possibilities, of Christian Political Parties

August 30 th 2018 by Bryan McGraw

Lessons from nineteenth-century Christians on political catechesis.

Outside In

August 22 nd 2018 by Alan Jacobs

What do we see when we look at ourselves?

Held in Common

August 16 th 2018 by Marilyn McEntyre

Connecting the dots in our lives.

Editorial: Living with Integrity

August 9 th 2018 by Brian Dijkema

In a world that feels like it’s disintegrating, what does it mean to follow the One in whom all things hold together?

From Donors to Patrons: A Conversation

August 2 nd 2018 by Fred Smith with Roberta Green Ahmanson

Recovering patronage as partnership.