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Ruth Korch

Ruth Korch has always had a strong love for the interplay of script and image. Her artwork has been published in books, calendars, greeting cards and posters. Her originals are in private collections across the country and she has received awards and recognition in both national and international competition.

When not painting, Ruth enjoys teaching children's art classes and calligraphy classes for both adults and children.

I have always relished my role as a visual artist. My medium and style are always changing, but currently there are three categories of expression: oils, watercolor and calligraphy. I especially enjoy combining text and image. Overarching all of my work however, is a desire to leave the viewer encouraged to appreciate the depth, mystery and beauty of life.

You can see more of Ruth's work by visiting her website at www.ruthkorch.com.


Bio last modified April 30th, 2018.

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