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Spring 2008 | Volume 26, Issue 1

All things new

While we impatiently follow in the wake of the work of the Spirit of God, waiting for the complete re-booting of heaven and earth, we need more communities like L'Abri and more little jubilees. This issue of Comment celebrates the promise of the future reign of God, partly by being the house journal for one such event: the annual Jubilee student conference in Pittsburgh.

9 Articles In this Issue
Editorial: Beta-testing Earth 2.0 by Gideon Strauss

We need more jubilees, pointing forward to the rebooting of creation.

Climate change: a new season for faith by Charles W. Colson, Nancy R. Pearcey

Christianity may be on the verge of a great breakthrough.

Cultural influence: an opportunity for the church by Gabe Lyons

We must redeem entire cultures, not only personal souls.

But now I see (part I) by Don Opitz

A crash course on worldview, and why it's important.

The quest for VERITAS by Kelly Monroe Kullberg

Now, hiding in the woods, the questions of the Veritas Forums became my own.

Broader picture, better politics by Jim Skillen

Christians must ask for something better than personality pageants.

Culture for Dummies 2.0 by John Seel

Tools for maintaining the big picture.

Oh, how you will delight the angels! by James Romaine

Ten artists wrestle with faith in every creative action, knowing today's only the beginning.

Journalism with an edge by Peter Menzies

Go ahead, bring your worldview . . . you'll need it.

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