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Fall 2014 | Volume 32, Issue 3

Cracks in the Secular

An injection of hope: the fall issue of Comment will seriously challenge and confront the attempt of some to reconfigure North American public life in a way that diminishes and excludes robust religious expression. But we'll also see an opportunity and invitation to hear in "the secular" an enduring longing for something more.

This issue of Commment includes a stunning interview with renowned philosopher Charles Taylor.

11 Articles In this Issue
Cracks in the Secular by James K.A. Smith

Longing for "something more" in the secular.

World View by James K.A. Smith

An annotated reading of your world, including war and sacrifice, PTSD, and John Oliver.


Updates from Cardus on the renewal of social architecture. In this issue, we highlight our pivotal upcoming law conference, Montebello Forward.

Building Ethical Bridges in a Secular Age by Margaret Somerville

Fear of the secular is not helpful or necessary in our religious conversations.

Sacred and Secular Belief: Can We Have Peace? by Mary Anne Waldron

Are we on our way to a belief-free society now that we are educated and prosperous?

A Postcard from the Pacific Northwest by Matthew Kaemingk

What does the future hold for secularism in the West?

Inequality in an Acre by Anne Snyder

There have to be more frequent, and more creative, ways to bridge the inequality gap.

Imagining an "Open" Secularism by Charles Taylor, James K.A. Smith

The intersection of ideas and public life for understanding our "secular age."

Is Religious Journalism Haunted? by Alissa Wilkinson

Cracks in the myth of objectivity.

Making Room for Faith by Tanya Luhrmann

It doesn't help the cause of faith to caricature science.

What Then? by Peter Stockland

Throughout history, the light has always broken through.

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