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Winter 2016 | Volume 34, Issue 4

Cultural Jigs

This issue of Comment will explore how constraints—properly constituted—are integral to freedom and to a good society. In continuation of our anti-revolutionary approach, we're not keen to exchange one form of bondage for another just because it calls itself "freedom." In this edition of Comment we invite readers to take the time to step back and evaluate these cultural jigs and consider the ways they help us live, or hinder us from living, skilled lives.

12 Articles In this Issue
Editorial: Cultural Jigs by Brian Dijkema

Finite creatures can find freedom in good constraints.

World View by James K.A. Smith

An annotated reading of your world.

Headquarters: Cardus Education Survey by Beth Green, Doug Sikkema

Updates from Cardus on the renewal of social architecture.

Jigs for Marriage and Celibacy by Wesley Hill

You can't die to yourself by yourself.

A Story Called Rest by Jen Pollock Michel

Can we imagine a society where Sabbath constrains our clamorous desires?

Rejigging Christian Culture by Peter Leithart

The demolition of cultural scaffolding made room for invisible cages.

Millennials and the Military by Paul Sikkema

Who wants to sign up for a war that can never be won?

By the Book by Tish Harrison Warren

If prayer is a craft, we shouldn't be ashamed to learn from the masters.

The Will is Not Enough by Chad Wellmon, Brian Dijkema

Why we need to think less about our phones and more about our practices.

The Church as Jig by James K.A. Smith

What would it mean to resurrect the idea of a "Christian society"?

Cleaning Dishes as a Revolutionary Act by Kristen Deede Johnson

"Everybody wants to save the earth; nobody wants to help Mom do the dishes."—P.J. O'Rourke

The Commons: Designed Isolation by Doug Sikkema

It's difficult to love what we can't see.

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