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Winter 2010 | Volume 28, Issue 4

Faithful living

In this issue of Comment—coming, as it does, in a season when we gather indoors with friends and family to find comfort together in the stuff of both God and man's creative acts—may our celebration of the true things come together in one magnificent jubilee in honour of the true God.

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Editorial: Worldviews Go Home by Alissa Wilkinson

"What we forget," my professor said, "is that at the end of the day, the philosopher closes his office door and goes home—and just is, despite how he thinks he ought to be. He plays with his kids and eats his dinner and sleeps in his soft bed."

Jesus, Burgers, and Taxicabs by Jeff Chu

For entrepreneur Hans Hess, better food and cleaner transportation aren't just ways to make money—they're means to serve both God and humanity.

Living Faithfully in the Global Hypercity by Jamison Galt

The Christian, whatever her context—rural, suburban, small town, and so on—should embrace the ascent of cities. These grandiose claims for the self-importance of cities and their residents are precisely what those who live elsewhere instinctively rebuff. But consider the stakes involved: Pragmatically, as the cities go, so goes the rest of culture, for good or for ill—what happens there will soon become everyone's problem or opportunity.

Living Faithfully in the Industrial Town by Chris Cooke

Our task is not only to see the industrial town as it "is," in all its brokenness and fragmentation, but also to see it as it "could be," to imagine a different town in light of God's redemptive work and purpose. Unfortunately, too many of us live in the world as "is" and haven't developed the imagination to see God's hand at work in shaping what "could be." Frontiers need people who have the eyes to see and ears to hear a new reality of a Kingdom that is "already, but not yet."

Living Faithfully in the Suburb by Kate Harris

The suburban home as a reminder of how to live out an incarnate faith that is bound to real places and real people, imperfect as they may be.

Living Faithfully in the Rural Town by Dan Kirkbride

Once we know God, the primary calling He has for any of us is to be his man or woman in our own little corner of the world.

Learning to Cook, and Why it Matters by Andi Ashworth

More than just a reflection of domesticity, cooking plays a role in the flourishing of human life and in the service of others.

Screening Desires by Greg Veltman

How much of our view of "the good life" comes from the films we watch?

Where Does the World Need Me? by Nate Barksdale, Naomi Biesheuvel

An invitation to consider your own pursuits of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Storytelling Clothes by Christina Crook

Faithful fashion in an over-consuming culture.

Beauty Where We Dwell by Jenni Simmons

We want our home to tell people who we are, who and what we love, and where we've been.

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