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Winter 2007 | Volume 25, Issue 4

Finding our way to great work

The vocational counsel in this issue of Comment is not all imbued with the dark wisdom of these Three Bad Psalms. Nor is it all glitter and no gold. We hope you will find our authors' servings to be savoury, and their guidance light.

10 Articles In this Issue
Editorial: Three bad psalms for golden boys and girls by Gideon Strauss

The gloss of Monocle allows too few hints of heartbreak.

Finding our way to great work: Vocations in media by Joseph G. Kickasola

Film sets, like every workplace, teem with challenges and opportunities.

Finding our way to great work: Called to work—and live—in the city by Harry Antonides, Aaron Belz

A symposium of encouragement. You may feel like the tiniest cog in a big wheel, but your work really matters.

Finding our way to great work: Choosing a major . . . and a vocation by Derek Melleby

It may be the first time you put your faith in action.

Of rugs and redemption: the James Tufenkian story by Matthew Kaemingk

Amidst exploitation and dehumanization, he seized redemptive opportunities.

Beauty and hope at centre stage by Rick Barry, Luann Jennings

Meet the Taproot Theatre Company: artists-as-missionaries to huge audiences.

Real music, featuring real life by Jeremy Clive Huggins

The best music won't hurry me, or make me feel small.

In search of great films: nine signposts toward discernment by Greg Veltman

Watching films is, for most of us, more passive than it should be.

Finding our way to great work, even in politics: Making peace with proximate justice by Steven Garber

Christians in politics must learn to accept some justice and some mercy.

Finding our way to great work: Help along the way by Bart Garrett

How to identify heroes, how to find mentors, and how to discern the difference.

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