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Fall 2015 | Volume 33, Issue 3

Health Beyond The Hospital

Health is not just the province of the hospital, or even just the health-care industry. Just as nurses and doctors and patients are dependent on the architect, engineers, and plant managers, so the health-care industry is dependent on homes, families, churches, and schools to cultivate a healthy citizenry and a healthy society.

This issue of Comment invites you to consider aspects of health and health care that don't always get our attention.

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Editorial: Health Beyond the Hospital by James K.A. Smith

Because a healthy social architecture requires healthy citizens

World View by James K.A. Smith

An annotated reading of your world. Topics this issue include Calvinist vacations, a visit paid to the Clapham House, too-long political campaigns, praise for newspapers, and attacks on video games.

Headquarters by Milton Friesen

Our Social Cities program asks, Are local faith communities growing or shrinking? Are people more or less involved in neighbourhood groups than they have been in the past?

Mortals Telling Stories on the Threshold of Mystery by Raymond C. Barfield

If we want a better medicine, we have to become better patients, and that means becoming better storytellers.

Trusting Math by Jonathan Patrick

Sometimes caring about numbers is how we care for the vulnerable. Sometimes it’s a way of effacing the image of God

Democratizing Community Health by Matthew Loftus

Money for health care often bypasses the powerless.

Learning to Let Go by Marilyn McEntyre

Seeking wisdom at the end of life.

"Healthism" and a Healthy Society: A Conversation with Margaret Somerville, part II by Margaret Somerville, James K.A. Smith

Stretching the imagination of a secular society.

In the Bodies and Labours of Women by Bryan Kibbe

Maternal testimony should not be treated as auxiliary to the real work of modern medicine, but instead should be esteemed and sought after as a foundational building block for the delivery of health care.

Mortality and the Limits of Medicine by J. Todd Billings

Why is the experiment of turning dying into a medical experience failing?

The Commons: Death Is Natural by Ray Pennings

A culture of life cares for the dying.

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