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Fall 2018 | Volume 36, Issue 3

Living with Integrity

We typically understand integrity as living an authentic life—a life where one’s actions are consistent with one’s beliefs. But that is not enough. Indeed, understanding integrity in this purely individualist way leads to the social vision of coherence proffered by liberal individualism. If our sense of disintegration feels elusive, the possibility of living a whole life seems even more so. It is our hope that this issue of Comment will draw your attention to the possibility that that alienation which gnaws at us might not be eternal; that, perhaps, he who “holds all things together” might have the last, and lasting word.

11 Articles In this Issue
Editorial: Living with Integrity by Brian Dijkema

In a world that feels like it’s disintegrating, what does it mean to follow the One in whom all things hold together?

Headquarters: Family by Andrea Mrozek, Peter Jon Mitchell

Updates from Cardus on the renewal of social architecture.

World View by James K.A. Smith

An annotated reading of your world.

Living with Integrity in a Splintered World by Jonathan Chaplin

How do we pursue wholeness in the centrifuge of modern life?

Dismemberment and Integrity by Peter Leithart

Toward a sacrificial understanding of wholeness.

The Integrative Power of "Why" by Margaret Somerville

What do amazement, wonder, and awe have to do with integrity?

Held in Common by Marilyn McEntyre

Connecting the dots in our lives.

Outside In by Alan Jacobs

What do we see when we look at ourselves?

Liberty, Equality, ...Disintegration? by Patrick Deneen, Brian Dijkema

A conversation with the author of Why Liberalism Failed.

Data as Icon and Idol by Peter Boumgarden

What happens when metrics become moral injunctions?

The Commons: Social Architecture  

Promoting a flourishing society.

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