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Fall 2019 | Volume 37, Issue 3

Love and Fear

Noli timere. Be not afraid.

This command pervades the Scriptures, and yet many in Western societies are engulfed in a sense that doom is near and what was will no longer be. There is fracture and pain exploding out into the open—for some it’s long-rumbling, for others it’s a shock. Almost everyone feels besieged and misunderstood, reduced to a caricature and cut off without grace. But emerging from this morass is a call to a new kind of engagement with one another, one that Comment would like to answer with a long and unpredictable table that seats elite next to commoner, scholar next to practitioner, black next to white, able-bodied next to handicapped, young next to old, rich next to poor, privileged next to overlooked, immigrant next to indigenous. What does it require to be repairers of the breach? How can a magazine informed by 2,000 years of Christian social thought help us tend to the task? This print issue opens up these questions, inviting an exploration of the fears and loves that compete for eminence in a nation, a neighborhood, a society, a soul. 

11 Articles In this Issue
Turning the Tide by Anne Snyder

A new page in Christian influence.

A Spiritual Autobiography by Candace Vogler

A Letter to Love by Cari Jenkins

Of Loves and Laws by Julia Morales*

The Reflective Patriotism of Land of Hope by John Wood Jr.

Finding proper perspective on America’s history.

Become America by Eric Liu, Michael Gerson

A conversation about saving the civic soul.

Meeting Grace by Erin Leaverton

We Are Never Alone by Francisco Argüelles Paz y Puente

Some thoughts on accompaniment.

Proximity Over Punditry by Katelyn Beaty

Seeing and being seen in back-row America.

Headquarters: Common Dignity, Common Life by Aaron Neil

An update from Cardus on the renewal of social architecture.

Patchwork Patterns by Rachel Wilkerson

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