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Fall 2007 | Volume 25, Issue 3

Making the most of college (second annual)

This is our second annual issue of Comment with the theme "Making the most of college" (or university). Our September issue focuses on the cultivation of community: making and learning alongside the friends who will shape us. We hope you will also learn how to cultivate your convictions, how to lead, and how to seek the shalom of the city in which you live. And don’t forget delights like cheering on sports teams or dressing well!

11 Articles In this Issue
Editorial: Gather 'round by Gideon Strauss

We all need a guide.

Making the most of college: Recovering the lost logic of church by John Seel

"Why bother going to church when I don't feel like it?" Cannot a walk in the woods be as spiritually meaningful? Cannot a latté at Starbucks be as deep a time of fellowship? Cannot sleeping in on Sunday morning be as personally refreshing?

Making the most of college: Finding your coffee community by Bethany Warren

Does your life have a third place?

Making the most of college: Preparing for leadership by David T. Koyzis

How should you, an undergraduate student, go about preparing for responsibility, for citizenship, for leadership? Keep your courage up, your eyes wide, and your bookshelf stocked.

Making the most of college sports: courts, diamonds & gridirons by David Greusel

The real value of spectator sports.

Making the most of college: The importance of dressing well by Jeff Cavanaugh

"Whatever's most comfortable" isn't really good enough.

Making the most of college: Business, balance, and learning to live by David C. Bentall

Have you decided on the limits of your career?

Making the most of college: The off-campus investment by Alissa Wilkinson

You may not stay forever, but you're there for a reason.

Making the most of college: Learning with friends by Esther Meek

Friendship is necessary to learning, and it strategically helps us to learn. Interpersonal knowing is what we humans were made for, what we hope for. Learn to see your friendships covenantally, as co-knowers growing together.

Making the most of college: Appreciating the arts by Russ Kuykendall

Exposure to the best is part of being a student.

Loving our neighbour(hood)s: The architecture of altruism by James K.A. Smith

Remember that command? Learn to really love your neighbour(hood)s.

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