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Fall 2008 | Volume 26, Issue 3

Making the most of college (third annual)

Drawing on their own experiences as students and mentors, our authors ask what kinds of practices and habits will open up the undergraduate years—as a time of learning to understand the world from the perspective of the wisdom of the Bible, as a time to make friends and find wise teachers, as a time to ask big questions and begin to discern a vocation, as a time of reflection and action.

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Editorial: Simple practices by Gideon Strauss

My own advice, this time around? Three simple practices that have made a big difference in my own learning, as a student and in the years since.

The best years of your life? by Dave Evans

College is only one part of a complete life.

Who am I? by Bob Robinson

Rooting your identity in the image of God.

Common objects: Susan Savage, painter by Daniel Nayeri

Third in a Comment series on under-appreciated artists.

Squinting in a fog: when neither your career nor your life is clear . . . yet by Chelsea Miller

Observations of a recent graduate.

Mopping up the deep end by J. Mark Bertrand

Whether I made the most of college or not, college made the most of me.

Sex is easier than love: why sexuality is at the very heart of life and learning by Steven Garber

Only if the Christian vision of sexuality can make sense of what I feel most deeply, of what I know most profoundly . . . only then can I be persuaded of the Christian vision of everything else.

Preparing for life in a great city by Linnea Leonard Kickasola

Be brave and get outside your comfort zone, or you won't even realize what you've missed.

The new Abolitionist movement by David Batstone

Students and professors must play a key role in the fight against modern slavery.

Romano Guardini on sacred integration by Robert A. Krieg

The Catholic priest who illuminated faith with doubt, humanity with eternity, and culture with truth.

Becoming a thinking Christian by Timothy P. Wiens

"If someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it." —1 Peter 3:15, NLT

Making the most of college: studying ourselves to life or to death? by Calvin Seerveld

A few suggestions for a Christian student at a secular university . . .

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A "making the most of college" reading list.

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