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Fall 2020 | Volume 38, Issue 4

Navigating Uncertainty

If 2020 is defined by one thing, it’s the ushering in of mass uncertainty. Uncertainty about how to behave in the face of a capricious virus, about the future, about whom to trust in the face of conflicting directives. What happens when a society that thought it was successful is shocked into realizing that it can no longer assume an infinitely upward path of progress? What happens to human character when we lose confidence in the same? This fall issue of Comment is an attempt to explore these questions with both honesty and tenderness. We are seeking wisdom from untapped sources—children, jazz, mathematics, cultures adept at thinking in the present tense, refugees, the materially poor. What can we learn from these ignored sages, and from the biblical narrative of exile itself?

14 Articles In this Issue
Wisdom for the Wilderness by Anne Snyder

Preparing a new generation for uncertainty and flux.

Wisdom for Uncertain Times by Craig Bartholomew

A biblical tour.

Deeper Still by Doris Fleck

Facing fear, chronic illness, and death throughout a lifetime of uncertainty.

Grace Under Pressure by Asher Imtiaz

A photo essay.

Liberated to Play by Stephanie Hruzek

Recovering Jürgen Moltmann and a paradigm for living into God's victory. 

With Faith Like a Child by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Learning from Jesus's nearest and dearest.

Through a Looking Glass Darkly by Jessica Hooten Wilson

How (and how not) to be certain of yourself.

Uncertainty: The Beauty and Bedrock of Statistics by Sarah Hamersma

Sometimes a bit of uncertainty can be a marvelous thing.

Crisis Philanthropy: Challenges and Opportunities by David Weekley, Robin Bruce

An interview with David Weekley and Robin Weekley Bruce.

Leadership in Uncertain Times by Ed O'Malley

The refining fires of crisis are revealing truths about human precarity and possibility that could be a playbook for “normal” times.

Spiritual Practices for Public Leadership by Andy Crouch

Guarding one's soul in and out of season.

Seeking Patterns Beneath by Debra Rienstra

Lessons on creative wisdom from jazz and its disciplines.

Journeying from Fear to Love by Hannah Marazzi

Proverbs from the Poor by Jimmy Dorrell

Insights on living below the margins.

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