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Winter 2008 | Volume 26, Issue 4

Signs of hope

In this issue of Comment we have asked several of our contributors to explore various aspects of hope—to write about movements of hope in Protestant and Catholic Christianity; to explore possibilities for hope in China and in the relationship of North American political communities to their Muslim citizens; and, in our symposium, to tell us of signs of hope they are noticing.

13 Articles In this Issue
Annunciation by Franz Wright


Annunciation by Scott Cairns


Home For Christmas: Zanesville, 1972 by Franz Wright


Surviving Christmas by Aaron Belz


A Wesleyan Strain by Brett Foster


Editorial: High Wire Hope by Gideon Strauss

David Simon's effort to imaginatively portray the complexities of contemporary life in his television series The Wire (my favourite piece of television in a long, long time) is understood by Elijah Anderson as ultimately cynical and by Jacob Weisberg as ultimately hopeful. It is difficult to seriously talk about the complexities of the heartbreaking world in which we live without appearing cynical. And yet, even the most gimlet-eyed and hard-bitten of us yearn for hope.

2008 Comment Manifesto by Gideon Strauss

Comment is a journal of public opinion bringing Christian voices to the dialogue in the public sphere, seeking the common good.

Signs of hope: a Comment symposium by Janet Ajzenstat, Clifford Blake Anderson

Comment asked regular contributors to tell us of signs of hope they see in their daily work, in the spheres of culture where they are most active, or in the world at large. What follows is their observations and reflections. —The Editors

Faith is not real to them—now what? by Gregory Wolfe

Father Luigi Giussani founded a worldwide Catholic lay movement that relives the unity and intensity of the apostles—in the midst of ordinary, work-day life.

Signs of hope in China by Bob Metcalf

Understanding the dangers and opportunities of the Central Kingdom.

Can we hope for a neocalvinist-neopuritan dialogue? by Ray Pennings

Forging a public theology relevant for our times.

Annie Levy: Giving life by taking pictures by Alissa Wilkinson

Fourth in a Comment series on under-appreciated artists.

Making room for Muslims by Stephen Lazarus

It would be a sign of hope for Christians to take the lead in making room for Muslims out of Christian conviction.

Contributors to this Issue