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Summer 2010 | Volume 28, Issue 2

Skillful living

Comment readers and writers are seeking practical answers to the big questions of life with requisite fear and trembling. We need to answer in ways that are more than merely relevant, that are prophetic—not simply enough for today, but enough for what tomorrow may bring.

8 Articles In this Issue
Editorial: Seize the Quarterlife Crisis by Robert Joustra

An opportunity to press beyond who we are and into who made us.

Love it or Leave it? by Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma

Discerning what to hold tightly, what to hold loosely: a rumination on luxury and "royal wastefulness."

Connecting Faith and Corporate Leadership by Albert Erisman

What's gone wrong with recent business leaders, and how the former chief at PepsiCo thinks we can fix it: an interview with Steve Reinemund.

Kuyper the Mystic by Clay Cooke, Steven Garber

"A Christianity that neglects the mystic element grows cold and congeals." —Abraham Kuyper Why personal piety and public life can coexist.

What the world needs most is "not" our relevance by Jedd Medefind

If we are to offer our culture what it needs most, we must pull from sources beyond it.

Art After Fifth Grade by Daniel Siedell

Understanding the production and distribution mechanisms whirring underneath the "art world."

Love will build this city by Gideon Strauss

Caritas in Veritate and the call to culture making. Includes the 2009 joint statement "Doing the truth in love," presented by the Center for Public Justice, Cardus and the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics.

Jesus the Tekton by David K. Naugle

Making what is needed, restoring what is broken. Could Jesus' humanity by reflected more authentically than in his role as a carpenter?

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