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Summer 2007 | Volume 25, Issue 2

Summer reading

In this Comment, we ask you to read along with others, to consider the big questions others have asked, and to open yourself to reshaping and to life-sustaining coherence.

10 Articles In this Issue
Editorial: What do I believe? Who am I? by Gideon Strauss

A diary of convictions—and how smart reading can shift them.

I know what you read last summer by J. Mark Bertrand

For the vast majority, the words "summer" and "reading" do not go together. If anything, summer signifies freedom from books. No one is forcing you to read. High-brow or low-brow, genre or literary, timeless or trendy—read what you like.

Reading 'business' this summer by Jonathan Wellum

Despite the "humiliation of the word," if you want to maximize the abilities God has given you, reading good books must form a big part of your life. Expand your thinking with great books in philosophy, leadership, and . . . investment!

'You say you want a revolution': re-imagining Greenwich Village by Sam Andreades

Greenwich Village in New York City is where people go—still—for "authentic living", for "being real". They go seeking rest from the rules. They go seeking rest.

Vocations, vacations, and politics in public by Stephen Lazarus

Take time this summer to escape into responsibility and reflection. Take a retreat, for new vision and old certainties to be made fresh again.

The space between: summer reading on cities by Eric O. Jacobsen

A great city is more art than science.

Chris Anderson: A conversation on shalom by Wayne Adams

Second in a Comment series on under-appreciated artists.

'What's the point?' Summer reading on the arts by Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin

Progressing from milk to meat . . . Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin leads us into summer reading on the arts.

Tasty summer selections by Byron Borger

Byron Borger knows more about books than is probably healthy. He's a small-town bookseller with a mail-order business, especially for students and those involved with campus life. Borger's picks are accessible "starters" for this summer's reading.

MINE! Kuyper for a new century by Richard Mouw

Kuyyper for a new century. Comment presents a condensed version of the "Abraham Kuyper Prize Lecture," delivered at Miller Chapel, Princeton Theological Seminary, March 29th 2007. The Seminary will likely publish the lecture in full, later this year.

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