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Spring 2019 | Volume 37, Issue 1

The Books Issue

Books. They fill our bookcases and threaten to overtake our nightstands. They pair just as well with a lazy weekend as they do a rush-hour commute. They bring us to new worlds and introduce us to new voices. The bookish life is a celebration of curiosity and a humble proclamation that there is always more to learn. So we have dedicated this issue to Comment's love affair with books. The pieces in this issue, in departure from the usual practice, won't be connected by a single theme, expect perhaps their common tribute to the appeal of miscellany. So settle into your favourite reading chair and join us, and guest editor John Wilson, in the noble pursuit of a literary life.

12 Articles In this Issue
Editorial: In Praise of Miscellany by John Wilson

Because life has its odds and ends.

World View by John Wilson

An annotated reading of your world.

Headquarters: The 2019 Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize by Stephen Lazarus, Lisa Ann Cockrell

Updates from Cardus on the renewal of social architecture.

Prophet of the Human-Built World: An Introduction to John Ruskin by Alan Jacobs

Linking our prayers and our purchases, our art and our labour.

Can Churches Come in from the Cold War? by Elesha Coffman

The way North American churches reacted to the pressures of power decades ago still haunts them.

A Migrant Invasion? by Noah Toly

Beyond platitudes and towards policy on immigration.

The Armenian Option by Matthew Milliner

What might a North American Christianity inspired by Armenia look like?

"Surplus Population" by Susan Wise Bauer

History tells of the past, how we write it tells of the present.

The Age of Anti-Biography by Sarah Ruden

Widening our view of life stories.

The Future of Church-Race Relations by Jemar Tisby, Wesley Hill

Why looking back might be the best way for the church to look ahead.

The Elusive Common Good by Judith Dean

A flawed but useful case for modest consensus.

Twelve Rules for the Bookish Life by Doug Sikkema

(Of course, the bookish life needs no rules.)

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