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Summer 2008 | Volume 26, Issue 2

The desires of the heart

We seem to be living in a moment of renewed interest in Augustine of Hippo, and much of that interest concerns his teaching on love. In this issue of Comment we illuminate that interest, directly in "In search of the happy life," by David Naugle, and "The erotics of truth, and other scandalous lessons from Augustine of Hippo," by James K.A. Smith, and also by virtue of Augustine's subtle, subterranean influence in several short articles on things people love.

10 Articles In this Issue
Editorial: Love::Making by Gideon Strauss

Discerning—and making—what is good.

In search of the happy life by David K. Naugle

Disordered love, disordered lives . . . reordered love, reordered lives.

The erotics of truth, and other scandalous lessons from Augustine of Hippo by James K.A. Smith

The path of discipleship is romantic.

But now I see (part II) by Don Opitz

With a Christian worldview, our daily work can transcend the grind and connect to a great purpose.

Pursue the passion by Brett Farmiloe

Vignettes of childlike enjoyment of work.

50 things I love in the world of business by Peter Menzies

In business, the people who endure have values that endure.

50 things I love about city life by Eric O. Jacobsen

I love cities the way other people love old growth forests, meandering river walks, and alpine lakes.

50 things I love about philanthropy by Mark Petersen

Contemplating support that is much more than financial.

50 things I love about politics by Anthony Carter

The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will—Proverbs 21:1

Giving ideas legs by Michael Van Pelt, Robert Joustra

If cultural change is our goal, then overlapping networks and institutions are the keys.

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