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Spring 2016 | Volume 34, Issue 1

The Rule of Law, The Way of Love

Now is not the time to defend "law and order." Trust has been lost in Ferguson and Baltimore and Chicago. And yet, the mechanisms of law, policing, punishment, and (hopefully) rehabilitation are a crucial feature of human society. The animating conviction of this issue of Comment is that if we want to understand and prophetically critique how it is legislated, enforced, and administered, we need to see the law-like nature of creation itself.

12 Articles In this Issue
Editorial: The Rule of Law and the Way of Love by James K.A. Smith

There is no opposition between law and mercy

World View: An Annotated Reading of Your World by James K.A. Smith

Topics this issue include election campaigns, heavenly citizenship, the mayor of Montaigne, and why the Christian tradition has long seen publishing as mission.

Headquarters: Payday Lending by Brian Dijkema, Rhys McKendry

Cardus's "Banking on the Margins" project seeks non-legislative means of solving the moral problems of payday lending.

The Context of Love is the World: Liturgies of Incarceration by David Dark

A professor went to prison to teach; he had a lot to learn.

Reasons for Law and the Bonds of Love by David Henreckson

Why law is a gift from a loving God who wants us to flourish.

Church Discipline as a Public Good by Jordan Ballor

What ancient Pharisees and modern Jezebels get right and wrong about discipline.

"His Law is Love, and His Gospel is Peace" by Paul Brink

Learning to dance with God's law.

Worship as Public Legal Pedagogy by Joan Lockwood O'Donovan, James K.A. Smith

The church's public proclamation reminds society of the law—and grace—that transcends the state.

The Short and Tragic Lives of Black Youth by Mark Mulder

On culture and the constraints of "choice" and responsibility.

Justice, Beauty, and Habits of Waiting by Christen Borgman Yates

Sometimes all the law needs is a little patience.

The Religious Roots of Rights Talk by Becca McBride

Do Christian roots get in the way of a rights' consensus?

The Dignity of Confession by Kevin Vickers

Learning to see the image of God in the most broken image bearers.

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