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Spring 2020 | Volume 38, Issue 2

The Stories We Tell

In an age when the humanities are struggling to defend their utility, history tremors at the tip of the spear. It doesn’t seem to explain the way things are, it’s not, well, current, and it doesn’t tickle our endless fascination with ourselves. Yet this spring issue exists to demonstrate that a prismatic study of history may be among the most important disciplines we can undertake for the recovery of a healthier public discourse and the beginnings of mutual accountability. We’ve invited an array of contributors to tell some histories with fresh integrity, explore the role of memory, and discern how much weight to give the past in discerning the contours of our present.

15 Articles In this Issue
The Stories We Tell by Anne Snyder

Discerning history in all its multitudes.

Dear America by Larycia Hawkins

In the Shadow of Memory by Danté Stewart

"The act of imagination is bound up with memory." —Toni Morrison

When the Past Has No Place by Joseph Grenny

The power and peril of examining personal history.

Inherited Flavours by Gracy Olmstead

Ordinary inheritances: a symposium.

The Season of Delight by Heather Dennis

Ordinary inheritances: a symposium.

This Body, Broken by Doug Sikkema

Ordinary inheritances: a symposium.

A Living Memory by Yishai Schwartz

Amalek, forgetting, and the lessons of Jewish memory.

Terrence Malick and the Question of Martyrdom by David Michael

"Does a man have the right to let himself be put to death for the truth?" —Søren Kierkegaard

A Letter to Dietrich von Hildebrand by John Henry Crosby

A Letter to C.S. Lewis by Jerry Root

Evangelicals by Peter Wehner

A review.

Storied Cities by Aaron Renn

The lost link between a city's forgotten history and its cultural potential.

Embodied Histories by Heidi Deddens

Memento Mori by Brian Dijkema

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