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Spring 2010 | Volume 28, Issue 1

The story

The story of God's great deeds—creation of all things; judgment of vicious human rebellion; redemption of all things—told in the Bible is the context within which we at Comment understand and approach everything. In this issue, we have asked our contributors to recount the episodes of that story, and we publish an editorial manifesto, broadcasting our most deeply-held convictions.

12 Articles In this Issue
Dividing Zero by Aaron Belz

Editorial: Story by Gideon Strauss

It is true, and it has consequences.

Creation by Al Wolters

Literally nothing is possible without the ordaining, creative power of God.

Fall by David K. Naugle

The fundamental problem of the human race: we are alienated from God.

Redemption by James K.A. Smith

Restoring creation will require the Spirit-inspired work of building caring institutions and life-giving habits.

2010 Comment Manifesto: Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope by Gideon Strauss

2010 Comment Manifesto

Fine Print: Learning How to Read Well by Alissa Wilkinson

"We read to keep ourselves fully alive and alert to the world."

Everything Has Changed: The Challenge of Being Perennial People by Steven Garber

What will you do with what you know?

Reviews by Ray Blunt, John P. Bowen

A glance at recent non-fiction releases.

Doing Public Life and (Still) Believing Stuff by Robert Joustra

Meditations on Andrej Rublëv's Icon of the Holy Trinity.

Two Kingdoms and Cultural Obedience by David T. Koyzis

Creation is much more than a probationary order with no enduring significance.

Short Changed: Jonathan Wellum on Recession and Looking Long-Term by Milton Friesen, Jonathan Wellum

First in a 2010 Comment series on good business.

Contributors to this Issue