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Spring 2015 | Volume 33, Issue 1

The Work of Our Hands

We get excited about those who open local coffee shops or become journalists or start a non-profit or (fill in the blank). But what do our "faith and work" books have to say to people who work on the line at a Ford assembly plant, or to medical assistants who take care of the elderly?

This issue of Comment aims to acknowledge the sorts of work we don't often talk about.

Come, and find satisfaction in the creativity and the toil of the work of our hands.

9 Articles In this Issue
The Work of Our Hands by Brian Dijkema

The faith and work conversation we're NOT having.

World View by James K.A. Smith

An annotated reading of your world, including Praxis Fellows and Christian newspaper movements.

Physiology Lessons by Nancy Nordenson

How things work together.

The Beauty of Work, the Injustice of Toil by James K.A. Smith

Why John Ruskin should be a patron saint of the "faith and work" conversation.

Voices from the Fields by Katrina VandenBerg, Phillip Jensen

We asked practitioners to reflect on the work of their hands.

Learning with Your Hands by Matthew Crawford, Brian Dijkema

What short order cooks and organ makers tell us about being human.

Tapping on the Glass by Milton Friesen

The consequences of turning our decisions over to algorithms.

Work, Play, Love ... and Learn by Matthew Beimers, Darryl DeBoer

Schoolwork is real work.

A Seamless Fusion of Beauty and Utility by Michael Van Pelt

It's easy to wax eloquent about woodcutting while disparaging "big" industry, but there's more to the story.

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