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Special Issue

The Comment Reader

Welcome to the ongoing conversation that is Comment. If you've just found us, this anthology is a way for you to get caught up on the conversation. If you've been a longtime reader, this primer is an ideal way to invite people to join the movement. We've selected some favourite, exemplary essays as an introductory curriculum for those who are new to conversations about faith, work, vocation, and the common good. Enjoy this appetizer, then subscribe to the meal.

17 Articles In this Issue
Welcome to a Movement     by James K.A. Smith

Comment promotes a "wide angle" understanding of the Gospel's impact. Join the movement now.

The Flash of a Fish Knife     by Calvin Seerveld

My father is in full-time service for the Lord, prophet, priest and king in the fish business.

Meet Comment Again for the First Time     by James K.A. Smith

I want Comment to be what you've come to expect, but I also want it to be unlike any other magazine you read. We're not just publishing a magazine; we're building a movement.

2010 Comment Manifesto: Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope     by Gideon Strauss

2010 Comment Manifesto

Creation     by Al Wolters

Literally nothing is possible without the ordaining, creative power of God.

Fall     by David K. Naugle

The fundamental problem of the human race: we are alienated from God.

Redemption     by James K.A. Smith

Restoring creation will require the Spirit-inspired work of building caring institutions and life-giving habits.

MINE! Kuyper for a new century     by Richard Mouw

Abraham Kuyper stands out as a giant in public theology: his theological probings were never far removed from his public commitments as the founder of two newspapers, a university, a political party, and a denomination.

Sphere Sovereignty 101     by Ray Pennings, James Brink

We participate in a vast array of social structures, yet their roles, privileges, and obligations are not addressed in the social contract.

The Devil's Advocate: Perfection Waits for Another World     by Ray Pennings

Political obedience in our broken societies is not painted in black and white.

Loving our neighbour(hood)s: The architecture of altruism     by James K.A. Smith

Remember that command? Learn to really love your neighbour(hood)s.

The DNA of Economic Life     by Gideon Strauss

Cultivating the sphere of economic life to be able to provide the means by which we can take care of our non-economic responsibilities.

Institutional Faithfulness and the Christian School     by Paul Brink

Who are the patrons of the Christian school, and what does that role mean?

Loving Faithful Institutions: Building Blocks of a Just Global Society     by Jonathan Chaplin

Postmodern Christians won't get very far in transforming society until they learn to love institutions again.

Sunflower Seeds     by Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin

When art seems very far from the urgent cut and thrust of daily politics, that's exactly the point.

Persuading in a Divided Age: The Christian's Privilege     by Anne Snyder

Persuasion should be based in discovering the reality of real people's lives.

What the world needs most is not our relevance     by Jedd Medefind

If we are to offer our culture what it needs most, we must pull from sources beyond it.

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