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Spring 2007 | Volume 25, Issue 1

Things we love

Authors in this issue of Comment consider the things they love. And we hope that you will be drawn to consider the things you love, and that as you think about these things you will join us in asking the big questions about love and our selves. We also hope—and here I wax Augustinian—that as we consider the things we do love, that we will become more deeply aware of the things that we ought to love.

11 Articles In this Issue
Editorial: The things we love by Gideon Strauss

Love is the most powerful source in our lives, the deepest relationship of which we are capable. It shapes us, so we become like that which we love. So it's worthwhile to reflect on the things we love—and so come to know ourselves.

Discovering what God loves: a journey from duty to desire by Steven Garber

By great grace, our deepest commitments and concerns can become like God's.

50 things I love about city life in Washington, D.C. by Kathryn Streeter

This place and its people are wild, alive—owned and loved by God Himself. When I fully digest this, my love for this city and my understanding of who God is intensifies and spills over into love and hope for those nearest me.

Bruce Herman: Painter of violent opposites by Daniel Nayeri

First in a Comment series on under-appreciated artists.

Stories I love by Anne Dayton

Are "chick flicks" your movies of choice? Is Jane Austen or Bridget Jones a guilty pleasure? Anne Dayton writes that human beings—female AND male—"are in love with love." We were made that way.

50 things I love about life in New York City by Linnea Leonard Kickasola

Comment wonders if you can reflect on your own city‐town, village, or four-corners . . . in North America or South Africa—like Linnea Leonard Kickasola reflects on New York City. Do you see the richness and tension and beauty and difference of your own context?

Loving technology, loving God by Rosie Perera

A successful software engineer (turned Luddite, then back), Rosie Perera wonders if we've forgotten what the Apostle Paul might have said: "Technology is permissible—even good in many ways—but I will not be enslaved by it."

50 things I love about politics by Pat O'Brien

"That's just politics!" So goes the saying. But what is "just politics?" With quite a different perspective, Pat O'Brien celebrates politics as an intensely human and personal pursuit.

50 things I love about business by Katherine Leary

From trade shows to exhilarating innovation to company baseball teams . . .one leader's appreciation for the business world.

Speaking pictures by Stephanie Sikma

Our everyday surroundings speak to us, but are we listening? What are we finally perceiving, as billboards and iPods battle for our sensory attention? Comment's series continues with an appeal for a little more awareness, a little more joy in seeing—and understanding—the visual narrative around us.

Loving the glory of God by Dan MacDonald

What is the chief end of man?

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