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Summer 2019 | Volume 37, Issue 2

To Build Is to Love

Our world is shaped by humanity's desire to build and create—a desire that mimics the original Creator’s act of pure love. But is creating limited to artists and architects? In this issue of Comment, loving acts of creation are visible in all kinds of settings, from Wall Street firms to Midwestern farms, and they take many different forms: a daily commitment to one’s local neighbourhood; a compassionate kind of persuasion; or even a private thought. We hope you’ll be inspired to recognize the creative work of everyone around you who is faithfully building—and loving—in their own humble way.

10 Articles In this Issue
Editorial: To Love is to Build by Brian Dijkema

Drawing the contours of social renewal.

World View by Hannah Marazzi

An annotated reading of your world.

Headquarters: Introducing Comment's New Editor-in-Chief by Ray Pennings

Letter from the publisher.

Persuading in a Divided Age: The Christian's Privilege by Anne Snyder

Persuasion should be based in discovering the reality of real people's lives.

A Tidy Mind by Hannah LaGrand

Thinking is like chores: never done, but necessary for public (and private) life.

Contour Plowing by Joe Colyn

How working with, rather than against, nature can help feed nine billion people.

Drawing Up Accounts by John Truschel

Why a moral view of finance is fundamental for the common weal.

Why Character? Why Now? by Anne Snyder

Communities require moral coherence to flourish. Is that possible today?

When the City of Man Is Redlined by Matthew Loftus

How best to stitch the wounds of segregation?

Public Faith, Public Space by Milton Friesen

Where will the public meet if churches disappear?

Contributors to this Issue