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Spring 2017 | Volume 35, Issue 1

Trust: Reweaving Our Social Fabric

This issue of Comment is dedicated to analyzing the social dynamics of trust from different angles and constructively considering how to reweave the web. Generating a diagnosis is important, so woven throughout this issue are multidisciplinary accounts that give us insight into the sources of our cynicism—from fake news to ubiquitous surveillance to the broken realities of racism.

11 Articles In this Issue
Editorial: Teach Us (How) to Trust by James K.A. Smith

Suspicion and cynicism play right into the hands of authoritarian demagogues. Let's consider another way forward.

World View by James K.A. Smith

An annotated reading of your world.

Headquarters: Faith in Canada 150 by Peter Stockland

Updates from Cardus on the renewal of social architecture.

Liberal Democracy Has "Trust Issues" by Kevin den Dulk

Why civil society won't revive our trust in government.

Surveillance and Trust by David Lyon

When someone's always watching, someone's always suspicious.

Finding Trust in the Economy by Sarah Hamersma

Trust, like currency, can be debased. Knowing how to grow trust is the key to a thriving economy.

The Death of Expertise as a Decline of Trust by Tom Nichols, James K.A. Smith

When we trust our feelings more than anything else, we stop trusting expert knowledge. And it could kill us.

Pluralism, Difference, and the Dynamics of Trust by John Inazu, James K.A. Smith

What's the likelihood of living together if we can't even trust our neighbours?

Who Watches the Nudgers? by Karen Tan

It's less about trusting government and more about governments being trustworthy.

Tocqueville and Twitter Feeds by James Poulos

Don't expect either social media or social science to save us; what we need is social theory.

The Commons: Explorations in Social Capital by Milton Friesen

The invisible power of trust.

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