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Full Circle: Art and Revolution

September 1 st 2016 by Gregory Wolfe

Sometimes the best artistic innovation is simply what composers call "theme and variation."

Who's Reprogramming Your City?

June 1 st 2016 by Noah Toly

How we can keep smart cities from becoming settlements for sophisticated savages?

Editorial: Our Built World

May 19 th 2016 by James K.A. Smith

Some assembly required

Covering our Tracks

December 1 st 2015 by Roberta Green Ahmanson

If we lose our aesthetic heritage, we lose the means to speak to an age enchanted by images.

A Wardrobe in Kansas, Portal to Mystery

November 4 th 2015 by Erin Doom

A “show and tell” exploration of the Eighth Day Institute in Wichita, Kansas.

Editorial: Health Beyond the Hospital

September 1 st 2015 by James K.A. Smith

Because a healthy social architecture requires healthy citizens