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Headquarters: Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize for Faith and Writing

December 1 st 2017 by Doug Sikkema

Updates from Cardus on the renewal of social architecture.

Building a Church for the Church Not Built by Hands

September 1 st 2017 by Roberta Green Ahmanson

Can a church that doesn’t care about its looks truly be called evangelical?

Filth Therapy: A Cunning Word

June 1 st 2017 by Alan Jacobs

A question in the novels of Robertson Davies: What ways of Wisdom have been discarded by modern Knowledge?

Trust without Teachers

February 23 rd 2017 by Chad Wellmon

Social media have become the new custodians of knowledge. This matters.

The Life and Death of Evangelicalism's Little Magazine

January 12 th 2017 by John Schmalzbauer

Where will the evangelical life of the mind find a home after Books & Culture?

How to Grow Old

December 22 nd 2016 by Cornelius Plantinga

Aging doesn't have to mean decline; make it a pilgrimage of hope.

The Will is Not Enough

December 1 st 2016 by Chad Wellmon with Brian Dijkema

Why we need to think less about our phones and more about our practices.

Exhibiting the Revolution

October 6 th 2016 by Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin

Putting art back in its place—everyday life.

Full Circle: Art and Revolution

September 1 st 2016 by Gregory Wolfe

Sometimes the best artistic innovation is simply what composers call "theme and variation."

Editorial: Join the Anti-Revolutionary Party

August 18 th 2016 by James K.A. Smith

You have nothing to lose but your hubris.

In Vino Societas

August 4 th 2016 by Amy Ruis

A sommelier and business owner considers the social importance of conviviality and craft.

Taking Aim at Ambition

March 30 th 2016 by James K.A. Smith

A writers collective looks for virtue amidst the vices of hubris, pride, and vainglory

Whose Religion? Which Flourishing?

February 17 th 2016 by Robert Joustra

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi wants you to flourish too. Now what?

Covering our Tracks

December 1 st 2015 by Roberta Green Ahmanson

If we lose our aesthetic heritage, we lose the means to speak to an age enchanted by images.

A Wardrobe in Kansas, Portal to Mystery

November 4 th 2015 by Erin Doom

A “show and tell” exploration of the Eighth Day Institute in Wichita, Kansas.