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Trust without Teachers

February 23 rd 2017 by Chad Wellmon

Social media have become the new custodians of knowledge. This matters.

Who was the Brain in that Jar?

September 8 th 2016 by Beth Green with Trevor Cooling

Sometimes all good teaching needs is the right framing.

Playful Minds

June 1 st 2016 by Dave Sikkema

Games can recover play in learning, but we still have to know what it means to "learn."

Pedagogies for the Public Square

March 19 th 2015 by Becca McBride

We cannot all be right in the public square.

Learning to Care

December 1 st 2013 by Deani Van Pelt

For parents, education is about growing in our children the capacity to care, regardless of the education system we choose for them.

Institutional Faithfulness and the Christian School

December 1 st 2013 by Paul Brink

Who are the patrons of the Christian school, and what does that role mean?